2K Announces Mafia Trilogy! Time to relive some memories

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Gaming is certainly having a pretty big month in terms of reveals and teases. Now, we have a new update with the much loved Mafia series! It looks like developer 2K is going to be releasing the trilogy back to us!

If you haven’t played the Mafia games, imagine Scarface mixed with a Tarantino type of dialogue. Rife with themes on family, racism and violence among a developing world of politics and war. 

They’re also famous for being chock full of profanity and intense violence that pushed boundaries when they were released. Mafia II and III in particular received some great reviews for their story and characters. 

For us in particular, we’re pretty big fans of Mafia II. Don’t know it just feels like the most complete and well crafted story that 2K put together for this series.

What do you think of 2K releasing the Mafia games as a trilogy? Do you love it and are you gonna replay the games or would this be your first time playing the games? Let us know in the comments below!


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