A Dark Phoenix Kinberg Cut Doesn’t Look Likely

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It doesn’t look like we are going to get a Dark Phoenix “Kinberg Cut”.

It’s been about a week since fans were given the massive news that HBO Max would be released Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League, and fans of other films have begun to wonder if they could see the original vision of their favorite critically-panned films, including fans of 2019’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

While many fans have been asking for the release of David Ayers’ Suicide Squad, some people are now wondering if we could see the original vision for last year’s hugely panned X-Men film. There is plenty of evidence that shows the film was changed quite a bit during production, but it doesn’t look like getting a “Kinberg Cut” is likely, according to Simon Kinberg himself, who wrote and directed the film.

A Dark Phoenix Kingberg Cut Isn't Going to Happen

Kinberg, during a watch party of the widely-praised X-Men: Days of Future Past with IGN, gave some information about the possibility of this cut, saying that to produce the cut would require a lot of visual effects work on par with what will be needed for the Snyder Cut. Even more, though, he doesn’t think the theatrical cut is too far from his vision for the movie:

“The movie they released was ultimately my vision for the film. That vision did change over the span of making the movie. There are other scenes that we shot, just as there are a lot of other scenes in [Days of Future Past] that we shot and didn’t end up using. There were scenes we shot for that film and an ending that was quite different than the ending that was in the theatrical release. To release [a Kinberg Cut], it wouldn’t be just be like we splice those scenes back in, because those scenes were never completed because of visual effects and sound – all of the technical aspects that go into completing films of this scale. It would take a whole lot of work, but I appreciate the support.”

Kinberg explained that many of the changes made to the movie were from Fox wanting to condense the story from two films into one. He doesn’t think there is an easy way to create a director’s cut of his original vision without filming that cancelled second film.

Kinberg continued: “With every movie, there are things you wish you did differently. On every movie there are things you thought were great and perfect, and then you watch them and didn’t think they were as strong as you imagined and you go a different way. Dark Phoenix was a hard movie because, in its initial concept when I wrote it, it was meant to be a two-part film. And then it suddenly became a one-part movie for reasons that weren’t of my doing. Having to create around that massive change was a challenge in itself. All these movies are uniquely challenging.”

He finished by saying: “When you’re making a film as a writer, it’s never the same as when you conceived it. And when you make a film as a director, it’s never the same as what you shot. In that case it’s probably more significantly different. But ultimately, I was happy with the cut… that we shot and edited and completed.”

It doesn’t look like we are going to get to see the original vision for Dark Phoenix, more or less because we have already seen that vision for the most part. The movie doesn’t have as vocal or loyal fanbase for movies like Justice League or Suicide Squad, so we just can’t see this gaining enough traction to warrant making a Dark Phoenix Kinberg Cut. We are just going to have to live with the fact that Fox’s last foray into the X-Men universe was less than impressive.

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