Apple and Google Launch COVID Tracking Software

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Technology Makes Leaps and Bounds

News has been circulating a little while concerning software that was in development for tracking COVID exposure. Now, it appears that rumor has become reality, for both iOS and Android software.

This Wednesday, both companies released tracking software that will notify a person if they are in the vicinity of a potential contraction. Meaning that if you are near someone who has tracking data available, the app will notify you.

It works using the Bluetooth antennas inside of phones, logging when a user has downloaded an app. Effectively tracking your ping every time it hits a cell tower and the bluetooth can connect.

Strangely enough, while the list of developers is available, the list of government agencies is not. Which is no doubt going to bring a bevy of theories and problems when it comes to public perception. Admittedly, there is a lot of concern about any kind of tracking software. Especially when the Hong Kong Protests were such a short time ago.

At this point, there is really no telling where the app and the tracking software will go. Some states, like North Dakota, have already started to implement the software and hope to see more states follow suit. There is several concerns of privacy and tracking concerns, so it will be a while before it becomes widespread.

Hopefully, these fears can be assuaged and the software can become moderated in a way. Privacy concerns are becoming stronger and stronger these days, so hopefully this goes well.


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