Darth Maul Actor, Ray Park, in Hot Water

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An NSFW Post

Ray Park, the actor most-known for playing Darth Maul in Episode 1 of the Star Wars prequels and Solo, has come under come scrutiny after an explicit image was posted on his Instagram. Now, his wife has spoken out about the issue and defended her husband.

The image in question showed a woman performing oral sex on a man, with the camera being from the man’s perspective. Though the image was soon deleted, the social media population began to speculate that Park was engaging in “revenge porn” against his wife. Others believed his account had been hacked.

His Wife Comes to His Defense

His wife, Lisa Park, then took to her own social media to defend her husband, saying:

“I would like to take this opportunity to express how disappointed and hurt I am by some of the false allegations, comments and messages that have been posted that are NOT TRUE. I ask you to be kind, respectful and think before you make public comments that have a NEGATIVE impact on the wellbeing of myself and my FAMILY! Please report any false allegations to help my family at this time!”

Park, himself, has yet to comment on the issue, though Lisa posted images with quotes about rising above pettiness and drama in the world, before posting:

“Thanks to those of you that have reached out I appreciate it. I’ve been inundated with so many messages. At this time I will no longer be responding to DM’s regarding the false allegations. Please respect my privacy at this time as I have to do this for my own sanity!”

People Brought the Kids In

Then rumors that the couples’ children were speaking out began to crop up.

A message attributed to their daughter, Sienna, began to circulate online, where she allegedly said: “this man is crazy and belongs behind bars. My dads f****** sick.” The message then claims that Park physically and emotionally abused her and her brother.

Lisa quickly denounced these rumors, condemning anyone who is bringing her children into the matter. As she wrote in a message to film critic, Andy Signore: “All the allegations out there are false and people are unnecessarily bringing by [sic] kids into a situation that is extremely hurtful to my kids Ray and myself. They did not post anything and would never do such a thing. I’m absolutely beyond upset and angry!”

The Internet Weighs In

As is the case with these kinds of things, some users took to saying Park’s career was over after the incident.

And then others jumped to his defense:

We Still Don’t Know the Real Story

Without an official statement from Park, it’s hard to say what actually happened, but it does seem very quick to jump to “cancelling” his career.

There are also reports now that Disney won’t be using Park to play Darth Maul in the new Star Wars series being developed for Disney+.

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