Deadpool Creator Says “Screw Movies”

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Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool, really does not seem to like Disney or the movies that have been made for the character. Despite the success of the two films and the alleged plans for a third one, Liefeld had some choice words

if Deadpool could lead another video game:

“Why wouldn’t they? I’m just going to tell you right now: screw movies. Screw this whole Deadpool movie talk, OK? … Here’s what I would say. ‘Hey Disney, Hi. It’s Rob. You paid 70 billion dollars for Fox. OK? You paid 70 billion dollars. You can’t run your Disney parks, which are 50% of your overall earnings, they have been shut down for 5 months. You have no way to get your 3 billion dollars’ worth of movies to the theaters. No Mulan, no Black Widow, no Eternals’.”

Deadpool Creator Says "Screw Movies"

Disney has certainly faced its fair share of difficulties during the current global health crisis. They have had to close their theme parks for several months and had to adjust their release schedule for all of their films. Because of this, Liefeld seems to think there’s not point in even trying for a third film.

However, he does think the focus should be put on bringing the character into the animated world:

“Animators can work from home. Digital artists can work from home. […] Deadpool’s kind of popular. Deadpool cartoons, Deadpool video games – of course they should be making them. Iger, whoever is running the ship over there, what are you doing to get a return on your 70 billion dollars? […] Of course they should be making more Deadpool video games, of course they should be making a Deadpool cartoon. What the hell?”

Rob Liefeld created Deadpool alongside Fabian Nicieza, and has not been pulling any punches when it comes to talking about the future of the character and live-action films. He’s talked about there being no movement on a third film and that he would be fine with there never being a third film at all.

When Disney bought Fox, they acquired the rights to the character. Fox was behind the first two films, which were praised for their loyalty to the source material and making the movies R-rated. When the character went to Disney, many wondered what would happen as an R-rating doesn’t really fit with the family-friendly angle Disney likes to take.

Maybe we will get a third, eventually, but we don’t think it will be anytime soon.

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