DENGUE FEVER OUTBREAK – Indonesia faces bigger problems than COVID

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Coronavirus is on everyone’s minds right now, despite the high recovery rate and numerous countries reporting declining cases. One thing that is not on everyone’s minds is the recent outbreak of Dengue fever in central Indonesia.

Starting in early January Dengue Fever is a mosquito carried illness that does exactly what it sounds like. It causes an immense fever outbreak and is very difficult to be proactive against.

Over 17,000 cases of the Fever have broken out since then, with 104 fatalities recorded so far. 

Majority of the cases were recorded in Lampung with more cases breaking out rather quickly over the course of the month.

Because of how many of the cases broke out over just two months of time, the Prime Minister declared emergency status. 

“There are a total of 23 regencies and cities in East Nusa Tenggara that have reported dengue fever cases. Some regencies see decreasing number of cases over time, while some others show an increase,” Marius Jelamu

Standard procedure for avoiding Dengue Fever is very similar to Coronavirus, avoid social interaction and practice hygiene. 

Hopefully things are wrangled under control fairly soon for Indonesia. Next to the Coronavirus Dengue Fever is just one more thing not needed right now. Even as Coronavirus dies down and Summer approaches it has led to no small amount of delays.

What do you make of the Dengue Fever outbreak in Indonesia? Concerning or what do you make of it? Be sure to let us know.

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