Donald Trump Wants To Increase NASA’s Budget

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The White House has released a news statement that President Donald Trump will be proposing a $25.2 billion budget for NASA in the year 2021.

That’s up 12 percent from the 2020 NASA budget of $22.6 billion. Which was 0.48 percent of all the United States government spending.

According to the Planetary Society, this budget will help get more people engaged with space.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said, “This is a 21st-century budget worthy of 21st-century space exploration, and one of our strongest budgets in NASA history.”

President Donald Trump seeks to land men and women on the moon from the $25.2 billion, in which $12.3 billion will support the systems, people and facilities needed.

This includes $3.3 billion to support NASA’s work to develop human lunar lander systems.

“2020 marks the first time we’ve had direct funding for the human landing system since Apollo,” Bridenstine stated.

This budget will also support NASA from returning samples of Mars’ soil and rocks to Earth. Possibly returning samples in 2031.

Of course, the budget will need to be approved by Congress. According to the Planetary Society, NASA’s budget peaked during the Apollo program.

However, they lost political support after the U.S. became the first to reach the moon. Since the 1970s, NASA’s budget has hovered between 1 percent and 0.5 percent of all U.S. government spending.

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