Every Game Shown at Today’s Inside Xbox

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Xbox showed off a variety of third-party games that are coming to its upcoming Xbox Series X, and we’ve compiled them all right here.

Every game here is “Xbox Series X Optimized”, meaning they have been developed to take full advantage of the console’s power, including 4K resolution and faster loading times.

10 of the 13 are also confirmed as “Smart Delivery” titles, meaning they can be purchased for the Xbox One and then upgraded to Series X for free.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

We got a glimpse at some in-engine footage at Ubisoft’s next entry in their long-running franchise, including siege warfare and a raven that could be Odin.

Smart delivery title.

Bright Memory Infinite

This is the full version of a game whose first episode has already been released on Steam. This hybrid first-person shooter and action game combines traditional shooting and melee combat in a futuristic setting.

Call of the Sea

This first-person game is set in the 1930’s, and has players taking the role of Norah as she explores an island in the South Pacific in order to find her missing husband.

Smart Delivery title.


This space combat shooter has players taking the role of Nara, a haunted pilot who pilots her own sentient ship, Forsaken, on a journey to destroy the cult that helped create her.

Smart Delivery title.

DiRT 5

Every console launch needs a racing game and this one will be the Series X’s. Plenty of innovations are promised for this next entry in the popular rally racing series. What’s more is that Troy Baker and Nolan North will both be lending their voice talents for the game’s story mode.

Smart Delivery title.

Madden NFL 21

This annual series will be the first next-gen sports title from EA.

Smart Delivery title.

Scarlet Nexus

This anime-infused action game sees players taking the role of Yuito Sumeragi as you explore New Himuka, a futuristic city.

Smart Delivery title.


This is a first-person horror adventure that takes players on a non-linear journey through horror. Each horror realm you go to has its own H.R. Giger-like feel to it.

Second Extinction

A new game that has players fighting against hordes of mutant dinosaurs that have taken over Earth.

Smart Delivery title.

The Ascent

Both a solo or a co-op game, this action-RPG is like a cyberpunk Diablo. Explore a dystopian city where the ruling megacorporation has collapsed and left chaos in its wake.

Smart Delivery title.

The Medium

Investigating a tragedy at an abandoned hotel, you play as the titular medium and will see the spirit world and the real world. Both worlds come with their own soundtracks.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

This sequel to the cult classic has players going to both the underworld and Seattle, as you choose between warring vampire clans.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

This newest entry in the mainline Yakuza series is bringing some changes to the formula, most namely the switch to turn-based combat.

Smart Delivery title.


So there you have it.

A pretty good batch of games to look forward to, and these are just the third-party titles. Xbox has more to show us as this monthly series continues.

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