Google Employee Diagnosed with Coronavirus

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Earlier today, a Google employee in Switzerland was diagnosed with the Coronavirus strain. This follows news of American/European companies cracking down on nonessential travel for just this reason.

The employee, who was from the Zurich office, began exhibiting symptoms earlier in the week. After the diagnosis Google had this to say:

“We have taken – and will continue to take – all necessary precautionary measures, following the advice of public health officials, as we prioritize everyone’s health and safety,” Google said.

Google, Zurich Office

While Google has not shut down its Zurich offices, this does raise valid concerns for Europe.

Important to note that Google cancelled its conference for the year and Facebook shut down its biggest event. Both were done in efforts to decreases large groups of people from all over the world mingling.

This is definitely unfortunate news. Until further updates come out, we’ll just have to trust that Google is making the right calls.

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