HBO Max Boss Explains Why Service Isn’t On Roku

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When HBO Max launched recently, there was a lot of excitement about the new streaming service, and also some confusion as the service wasn’t available on some devices, such as Roku.

Now, we have an explanation about why the service is missing from Roku and it comes from the boss himself.

Tony Goncalves, CEO of AT&T’s Otter Media division, which is who is heading up HBO Max, recently spoke to The Verge about the company’s current difficulties with Roku, and Amazon, and the reason is quite a simple one:

“Being available on the platforms that consumers use to access these new networks is really, really important. There are certain business models that exist, and we each have our own. I just go back to the fact that we’re just… I think we’re just starting from a very, very different place. We have 30-plus million existing subscribers that have already gone in their pocket and voted to subscribe to a product, and we’re making that product better. We think the value prop is there. We just want to be treated fairly.”

HBO Max Boss Explains Why Service Isn't On Roku

Goncalves didn’t go into detail about what the deal they were looking for was or how long it would be before he thinks they can get a deal, but it sounds like they just weren’t happy with what Roku was willing to deal.

As we know, and as Goncalves mentioned, HBO is a very well-known brand with millions of subscribers already, so it is safe to assume that those millions upgraded to HBO Max when it was released, especially with HBO Now customers having their app upgraded and being to access the content for free.

While things aren’t working between the two right now, he did say that he is hoping it will change in the future:

“Disney+ and Netflix and Hulu and these other apps are on those platforms. There’s a certain business model that exists. We just want the same one. I’m hopeful that, ultimately, we’ll get there, and we’ll get there with the consumer in mind. But we just didn’t get there on Day 1.”

So there you have it: the two sides just couldn’t agree on a deal and while they want to get one eventually, they just weren’t able to have one done by the launch of the service.

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