It’s Always Sunny Isn’t Going Anywhere

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Rob McElhenney, one of the minds behind It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the new Apple TV series, Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, has let fans know that once Sunny returns, the show will tackle the COVID-19 situation.

McElhenney recently spoke with NME, where he mentioned an episode from the show’s 9th season, “The Gang Gets Quarantined”.

“Well, we actually do have an episode…where we quarantine ourselves in the bar,” he mentioned, “I think there’s a big flu going around Philadelphia or something like that. When we come back, don’t worry, we will address all this in the way only Sunny can!”

Many fans have been concerned with no word yet on new seasons of the show, but McElhenney assures them that “Sunny very much still exists.”

“We’re still in active negotiations for season 15 and 16,” he explained, “and we’re hoping that as soon as we get out of Mythic Quest season, we jump right into something new with Sunny.”

The show has been going on for almost two decades now, and that leaves many wondering how much longer the cast can go with it, to which McElhenney says there is no limit:

“How many years do I have on this planet? I’ll do it forever. If people keep watching it and we keep having fun, why would we ever stop? It’s my dream job.”

With the release of Mythic Quest, McElhenney has been plenty busy but we will always hope to see more It’s Always Sunny.

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