More Details Emerge About Snyder Cut’s Darkseid

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Hail, Darkseid.

After the reveal of Zack Snyder’s Original Justice League Cut coming to HBO Max, many wondered if Darkseid would make an appearance. Shortly after a few more social media posts, it was indeed confirmed that Darkseid will be in the Snyder Cut.

It was a pretty difficult thing to deny. Considering that, in past social media posts, Snyder had shared images of Darkseid, and actor Ray Porter confirmed he recorded lines.

Porter is known for his cameo roles in shows like Shameless, Justified and a movie appearance in Argo. But, if you were hoping for a bunch of roles where he has a deep, booming voice for a villain you’ll have to wait. 

While he may not be known for his voice work, he definitely does have the gravitas and the vocal range to back it up. And now that we know his process, we’re even more excited to see him do some work for Darkseid.

I went through a few different vocal gymnastics trying to figure out the voice. I will admit I didn’t know the character incredibly well right up to the point of being cast…It was never something I was incredibly aware of…so I didn’t know all of the canon. Fortunately, I happened to be on a set with people like Zack and Chris [Terrio]…I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who understands all of the weird concatenations of that canon better than those people. So there was always that steady information.”

Honestly, we’re extremely excited to see what Porter had planned for Darkseid’s role. Darkseid is one of the biggest bads in all of comic book history. He’s done everything from murdering entire planets, beating superman single handedly, taking on the whole Justice League etc.

He’s a man after only one goal, the Anti-Life Equation. He wants to control the world, the universe and life itself. But, he doesn’t have this desire to balance the universe like Thanos did. There is no immediate desire to be fair and decisive, he just wants power, despite already being the strongest being in the universe.

Altogether evil, altogether horrible and a complete freaking badass. Bring on the Darkseid, we’re ready for the Snyder Cut!


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