Black Hole Appears to be More than it Seems

Scientists in charge of the Event Horizon Telescope, which captured a black hole last year, found something odd. A beam of light was shooting from the black hole at roughly 20 times the speed of light.

Naturally, the first reactions are UFO or some kind of unknown object that got shot out of the black hole somehow. But, considering what little bit we know about black holes, that should be theoretically impossible. 

You might be thinking ‘well isn’t it also impossible to travel that quickly?’. Theoretically yes, however, scientists have also been working on developing technology that can do just that. Or rather something that can bend the constraints of matter around it so that it can travel more quickly through time. It’s very technical and I do not understand it.

Back to the black hole! Scientists do believe that they have an explanation for what is happening here. According to a study posted by the team and co-authored by Dom Pesce, it explains how it appears to be an optical illusion.

This extraordinary optical illusion arises because the material is racing toward us, chasing down the very light it is emitting and making it appear to be moving faster than it is.”

Nonetheless, it’s still a rather fascinating thing to see. Considering how little we actually know of the event and what exactly is causing it. While scientists work with the Event Horizon to learn more about this, we just kind of have to speculate.

Highly recommend reading the study that was posted by the team! As well as the past events that Even Horizon has contributed to learning about. Rather crazy stuff happens there all the time!

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