See the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in the Sky, Together, for the Last Time Until 2022

This week is marking the last time you will be able to see the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in the sky, all at the same time, until 2022.

They won’t be as close together as they were in March, but they can still be seen together starting the night of April 14th, when the Moon is on the right-hand side of Jupiter. On the 15th, the Moon will will move to the middle of the group, and on the last night (the 16th), the Moon moves to the left of Mars.

In order to see this group, you’ll want to look to the southeast an hour before sunrise. Just look for the Moon, and the other three will be nearby.

This will be your last chance for a very special view, as you won’t even be able to see Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn congregating until mid-2022. You don’t want to miss this!

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