Just a few days ago, Game Science’s Black Myth: Wukong was more or less unknown. But on August 20th, the game saw a 24-hour surge in popularity after it released its first trailer, having garnered over 10 million views on Chinese video site, BiliBili, alone. Feng Ji, the founder of Game Science, has responded to the massive popularity of the game now, and says the development team will now “hide” to continue working on the game, as well as apologizing for the issues that made there way into the game’s pre-alpha gameplay.

Originally written on Weibo and then translated by ResetEra member, Nightengale, the developer explained how that the 13 minutes of gameplay used to introduce the game were released to the public to be “honest” about the game and help attract new, future employees to his company.

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He says that his team has been happy with how their trailer has been received, but is sure to state that they won’t let it get to their heads, even asking fans to “forget” the trailer as it doesn’t represent their best work.

Feng Ji actually spends most of his time talking about the bugs and issues that were present in the trailer, such as low frame rate and the water not displaying any physical properties. He also apologizes for the soundtrack in the video not matching perfectly with the actions of the characters.

He ends the post by saying that now, he and the development team will “hide again” to work on the game, so it is unlikely we will be getting any more news or information in the near future.

While this is certainly a bummer for the many number of fans that are now present because of the trailer, it is good to know that the positive reception has emboldened the developers to continue working and give it their all.

In the game’s initial announcement, Game Science said that Black Myth: Wukong will be aiming for mainstream consoles, PC, and cloud services, but no official release date has been given.

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