The most watched Netflix shows 2022
The most watched Netflix shows 2022

The most-watched Netflix shows 2021

2021 was a mixed year; we saw a world pandemic, a fire in Turkey, and many other disastrous things. It was also a mixed year for Netflix because, half the year, Netflix got a slow subscriber growth because of low productions. But, for the next half-year, it also launched some of the most loved web series on Netflixlike Squid Games, You, Lucifer, and Bridgerton.

But, since most people were stuck at home, they turned to watching Netflix excessively and finishing series in just hours.

We noticed on Netflix n 2021 that the top 3 shows weren’t in English. This means that other countries’ directors and creators did a great job.

But enough chit-chat. It’s time to immerse ourselves in the list of most-watched web series on NetflixWe will start our list with the absolute best action web series on Netflix and then move towards the least good one.

Squid Games

K-drama has already been dominating the world’s entertainment. When Parasite came out in 2019, it stayed in the international news for weeks and was one of the best-directed Korean films in a long time. And then, after two years of Parasite, Squid Games became one of the world’s most-watched shows. It was dubbed in English and watched by millions of people to the extent of obsession.

  Money Heist

Another non-English show. This Spanish show became a huge success as soon as it came out. But, its last season really shook the whole industry because it became a global phenomenon.

It was such a huge success in the category of best action web series on Netflix that Netflix even ran ‘Money Heist Experiences’ for the show’s fans to give them more of the show.

Sex Life

The sexually explicit show was one of the most-watched shows of 2021. The show contained many sweltering scenes with hot looks that could melt anyone in just a few minutes. This successful show was a hit in 2021.


This was the first big show of 2021. It helped people through the depression of the pandemic as it was released at the beginning of the year. The world of Bridgerton brought us the dreamy actor Rene Page who sadly quit the show after the first season. But, overall, the whole show took us to the age of royalty and made us wish we lived in that time –because dreamyyyy!

New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam HAS to be the most loved and most watched Netflix Show 2021. It was an American Medical show from NBC. The drama was shot at one of the oldest hospitals in America and revolved around a set of doctors who tried to make medicine and healthcare available to everyone at their own expense. The show also had an episode on the pandemic, which connected it to the people.

The show’s doctors not only fight with the healthcare industry to stay afloat but also fight with their demons to stay sane and help people around them in the best possible way. The show is the perfect blend of emotional, humor, witty, and heartfelt.


This show is about a single mother’s struggle as she escapes abuse to protect her child by becoming a maid. The show that a great storyline with mindblowing acting, and the whole ambiance of the show was a seat grabber. However, this show got overshadowed by Squid Games.

This show was so huge that it got three Golden Globes nominations. So if you still haven’t watched it, now is your chance.

The Good Doctor

This show is similar to New Amsterdam. We think medical soaps were huge hits during 2021 because of the pandemic. People understood doctors’ struggles more than ever and related to the situation shown in these shows.

This show shows us the life of an autistic doctor and how he pushes himself to become one of the best despite facing physical challenges—perfectly heartfelt and feel-good drama for a rainy night.

The verdict

These were just some of the most loved and watched shows of 2021, there are still hundreds of shows left to cover, and this is where you come in. You are free to explore all the amazing 2021 shows that are still on Netflix.

However, if you haven’t seen any of the shows we mentioned, watch them ASAP because you’ll love them.

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