Henry Cavill Has the Best Odds to Be the Next Bond

As Daniel Craig’s turn as James Bond comes to an end this year with No Time to Die, many of us are wondering who will be the next actor to take up the mantle. Well, according to an A.I., it looks like Superman himself, Henry Cavill, has the best odds of being chosen for the role.

An A.I. Chose These Odds

The research was done by Largo.ai and was done by comparing various actors’ popular characteristics with the notable qualities of the character. Through this process, Henry Cavill emerged as the actor with the highest positivity rating for a British actor.

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Other notable names were in the list as well, all of them men, which makes sense. It has been said that the character of James Bond will remain a man. These other actors were Karl Urban, Will Smith, Chris Evans, and for women, Katee Sackhoff and Angelina Jolie.

Cavill would be a perfect candidate for James Bond, especially given how good he looks in a tuxedo:


However, it could be very difficult to get the timing to work with Cavill being busy with the The Witcher series on Netflix, as well as continuing to appear as Superman in the DCEU.

Tough Shoes to Fill

Whoever is chosen to take up the role as James Bond, they have a tough act to follow with Daniel Craig. His time as the character marked a return to form, featuring a much more brutal, powerful version of the character. Cavill would be a great candidate but there are certainly other actors who could do the part justice.

Henry Cavill: A.I. Names Him Best Candidate for Bond

Until then, we can get ready to give Daniel Craig a big farewell when No Time to Die comes out on November 20th.

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