The Best Action Shows On Netflix To Watch

The Best Action Shows On Netflix To Watch

The massive rolling out of new series this year as well as the older, beloved ones now made available on the streaming services, you have plenty of best action tv-shows to watch on Netflix. It is one of the world’s most popular streaming services, with above 137 million subscribers. You are thus promised quality programming hard to find anywhere else.

This blog by GeekHash News is specifically for those who are charged up by shooting guns, gyrating swords, and rough fistfights. We bring you some of the best web series on Netflix currently being streamed, including a list of both Netflix Originals and series that have originated elsewhere.

Money Heist (La Casa De Papel)

This foreign-language television series got an exceptionally warm welcome on Netflix. It is a psychological thriller that revolves around a young woman, Tokyo, who has a proven record for pulling off bank heists. There are seven other robbers that are all recruited by one man to carry out the largest heist in history. Known as the Professor, he is the mastermind of the heist with the aim of taking control of the National Coinage and Stamp Factory of Spain to print out 2.4 million Euros in cash. Each of the episodes will make you jump on the edge of your seat with the many amazing twists and turns and the fiery interaction with the hostages, media, and police. The turn of events leads to another heist, loss of friends, and many more action-filled scenes that might even make you fall off your seat!

The Witcher

Here is another recent release for the many action fans out there, which is based on the books. The mythical fights between the monster hunter and the various magical creatures that he slays have managed to stand out against the other best web series on Netflix. The Witcher stars Henry Cavill as Geralt, who hunts stuff and drinks lots of potions. You will also find many other characters, but for you, Geralt is the one you should know.

Queen Of The South

It is a heart-racing thriller that follows Teresa Mendoza, a young Mexican woman who is on the run after her drug-running boyfriend was killed by an infamous cartel. She is bent on avenging her lover’s murder and struggles to rise struggling money changer on the streets of Sinaloa to become queen of her own empire. The series has a fast-paced plot with actions scenes in many exotic locations such as Bolivia, Malta, Mexico, Texas and Arizona. You will find all the seasons of this one of the best action tv-shows on Netflix.


Bodyguard shows Richard Madden delivering a convincing performance as an elite bodyguard David Budd, assigned to protect Home Secretary Julia Montague. She is a controversial political figure whose life is in danger due to a devious plot. He often finds himself at odds with Montague, along with struggling with PTSD, a result of his military service in Afghanistan. For those who enjoy political thrillers, Bodyguard is the perfect show as it portrays the struggle to deal with content such as governments’ abuse of power in the name of national security.

The Flash

Here is another of the best action series on Netflix where The Flash, moving at lightning speed, battles the villains. From freeze-gun-wielding madmen to sentient gorillas, he fights all to uncover his mother’s equally speedy killer. The other seasons revolve around the multi-dimensional logic that enables other speedsters to enter the thrilling, action-packed drama. It is a teens-friendly series where The Flash never shies away frm the comic book or the splash-page action.

These are some of the best action tv-shows that you can binge-watch with your friends or family to get your dose of action!

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