Playing Xbox Games On Your PC

Playing Xbox Games On Your PC

The Xbox platform has been pushed beyond the console by Microsoft for the past few years, which has started to reap many benefits. With the Play Anywhere program and Game Pass for PC, you can now play Xbox games on your PC. There is a simple and easy way to enjoy these games anywhere, so you now don’t need to bang your head thinking about how to play Xbox games on PC.

With things moving forward at a lightning pace and incredible experiences waiting to be explored, you will never have a more better time to play your favorite video games. So, why should PC gamers be denied the fun that comes with it. From drivable cars fortnite to baseball and motorbikes, you now have unprecendented access to console titles that were previously exclusive.

Download Xbox Play Anywhere Games Directly To PC

For playing Xbox games on PC, downloading Xbox Play Anywhere Games is the most simple and straightforward method. However, it comes with certain restrictions. There are a few titles that you can play through Xbox Play Anywhere System. You will be delighted to know that these include some of the major new releases. You can access Xbox Play Anywhere by:

  • Visiting the Xbox Play Anywhere website
  • Logging into the Microsoft account
  • Installing games with the Xbox Play Anywhere digital game license directly to the PC
  • Once the games are downloaded, you can launch them directly from the Microsoft Store
  • Make sure your Xbox One controller, or third-party peripheral, is connected
  • And you’re ready to play!

Sign Up For Xbox Game Pass For PC Or Game Pass Ultimate

Among the biggest boons of the existing gaming landscape is Xbox Game Pass. It costs either $15/month for its Ultimate unlimited version, allowing you to play on both Xbox and PC, or $10/month for PC-only access. Plus, there are hundreds of titles available for you to enjoy.

Microsoft frequently adds and removes games from the service, excluding the first-party titles like the Halo, Forza, and Gears series. You need to keep track of what’s coming and going so you get to play what you want before it is removed from the service.

When you join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you gain access to most, if not all, Xbox Play Anywhere titles. You can also switch between your PC and Xbox for sharing your progress between the two machines.

Using Xbox Remote Play For Streaming Directly From The Xbox Console

In case the game you want to play isn’t on Game Pass or Xbox Play Anywhere, you are remained with one option that is to stream the game directly from your Xbox console using Xbox Remote Play. Unfortunately, it is the most complex way to play Xbox on your laptop or PC. However, it also gives you the most options and works with all Windows computers.

To turn on Xbox Remote Play:

  • Turn on your Xbox and open Settings
  • Click on Devices & Connections
  • Select Remote Features
  • Check the box for Enable remote features

You can then select the Test Remote Play option. After running this diagnostic test, you will find out whether there are any connection issues with your console or not. In case there is, you can consider a hard-wired internet connection.

Fortunately for gamers of all types and budgets, you now have several ways to stream your favorite titles. You just need the right components for gaming, and you are good to go! Explore new worlds, play with your friends, and have a wonderful time enjoying some of the best releases.