Learn How to Take Better Photos on Your Phone

Smart phone’s are becoming more and more legitimate cameras. Every year, each generation comes with a new improvement to its abilities to take a photo.

But even with the improvement in technology, it is also dependent on the person taking the photo. We have the tips and tricks you need to get your photography skills up to new levels and able to take the most bomb photos ever!

Keep the Lens Clean

Phones can be in a lot of places where the lens can get smudged or dirty, so it is a good idea to clean it often. Using a soft material to wipe the lens is best, as the cloth of a shirt can sometimes scratch or damage the lens.

Use the Rule of Thirds

This is a compositional rule that exists throughout both photography or videography. Essentially, consider the camera to be comprised of three, vertical, equal sections, and you can build your photo based on that. It is, obviously, more of a guideline rather than a universal rule to always follow. But it can help you really get an eye for composition and how to get the best photo possible.

Use Lighting

Lighting is, arguably, the most important part of photography. Make sure your lighting source is behind you, the photographer, and is shining light on your subject. If it is behind them, then the person will just be a silhouette and the picture will be blown out.

Avoid Using the Flash

Speaking of blowing an image out, the flash is a tool that can be useful in low-light places, but if it’s not low enough, the person can look bad. The bright light can overwhelm the image and create a much harsher-looking image. Not to mention the demon eyes that it makes.

Don’t Use Digital Zoom

The zoom function on a phone does not work the same as a camera, where the lens will change and adapt itself to the change in zoom. On phones, the camera just crops in closer to the original image, causing it to lose fidelity and quality. Taking the photo at the distance you want is the best course of action.

Experiment with Camera Modes

Most phones have a ton of features and abilities that are different from the out-of-the-box, standard picture-taking mode. Play around with these modes to apply different filters, image qualities, and more to get the right kind of photo you are looking for.

With these, your photo-taking skills will skyrocket and you’ll be the go-to person for when your friends need a sweet photo for their Instagram. After these, you can keep getting better and better, until you have mastered the art of cell phone photography.

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