MORE Jobs Available From Home

Stay-at-Home orders are still going strong, which means many of us are still at home, needing to make some money.

We posted an article a couple weeks ago on jobs you can easily do from home, and today, we are here to show you even more opportunities!

So if none of those original ideas worked out for you, or none of them sounded appealing to you, we have more options for you to look at:

Sales Representative

Being a sales representative is a perfect way to earn some good money and never have to leave your home! With technology, you can reach tons of potential clients and make the sale, bringing in the money you are looking for.

If you’ve got that marketing/sales background and want to really dive into it, this could be the position for you!

Sales Representative – CBD Biocare

Survey Taker

Come on, we know you have a strong opinion about things, and now you can make money by sharing that opinion! Becoming survey taker can have you filling out surveys, earning points, and using those points to get PayPal credit or gift cards. Not a bad deal, right?

Survey Taker – Survey Junkie

Virtual Reading Room Assistant

Given the proper background and experience, you can help with radiology, from home! As an assistant, you will help revolutionize the radiology process, help reach out to patients, and build your leadership skill as well!

Virtual Reading Room Assistant – Nines

Online English Teacher

Help children around the world learn how to speak English with online, virtual classes. All you need is a computer and passion for teaching, and you can find a whole new world of education at your fingertips!

Online English Teacher – LaowaiCareer

Mortgage Loan Processor

From home, you can help make the process of loan applications, approval, and payments easier! Working with clients, you can help them along the entire process, and track everything as it comes!

Mortgage Loan Processor – Signet Mortgage Corporation


With these positions, you can find yourself not only making some extra cash, but also keeping yourself busy during this inside-centric times!

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