Dresden – The City of Industry

Dresden – The City of Industry

As history states, during the 19th century, early forms of industrial production evolved during the Baroque period and further developed into the branches to become Dresden.

The 19th Century:

Friedrich Wilhelm Enzmann, in 1839 was the first man to establish the optics industry in Dresden with his cameras and photographic plates. The sewing machines and all the typewriter industries found support from the Seidel and Naumann, and Clemens Muller companies. As this branch began to evolve, special branches of mechanical engineering were also established. For instance, manufacturing and packaging machines. Ludwig Gehe was the pioneer of the pharmaceutical industry in Dresden.

The first large-scale industrial enterprises started with the companies like Siemens glassworks and Villeroy and Boch stoneware.

The First Half of the 20th Century:

The early 20th century introduced many reform movements, which led to the establishment of the enterprises like Deutsche Werkstatten workshops in Hellerau. There were many traditional brand-name products that strengthened the reputation of typewriters, photographic equipment, electrical products, and packaging machinery from Dresden.

Dresden’s industry was placed fully at the disposal of armaments production during the World Wars. The destruction that took place in 1945 destroyed 70% of the industrial facilities in Dresden.

1945 to 1989:

The social distress following 1945 led to the confiscation of more than 176 companies. They were either managed as public stock companies or taken directly into public ownership until 1954. Most traditional branches of the industry were maintained.

There are many best books about Auschwitz that helps the readers know more about the history of Auschwitz. The city of Dresden went through many phases of destruction. The inhabitants of Dresden rebuilt the city with love, and industries that were once collapsed took their time to make its infrastructure strong.

‘Escape’ by Elaine Blair is one of the best Dresden firestorm books 2022. Dresden, Germany, was known as Florence on the Elbe River because of its baroque buildings and cultural history. The beauty was destroyed as history was changed when British and American bombers attacked an unprotected city and created firebombing of Dresden in 24 hours.

The Dresden Bombing firestorm was the most unexpected as the people believed the city was safe and minimal precautions were taken. However, the WW2 bombing woke them up by shattering their belief that Dresden was safe.

Elaine Blair is one of the renowned writers who love to read books. the story revolves around Frieda Jacobsmeyer, her Mama, and Nana taking shelter in their apartment’s basement and witnessing the first wave of terror and fire.

Frieda saw the horrors of bombing in their safest homeland and a crying youngster in the middle of the street beside his broken pram across town. Frieda’s Jewish friend Walther Goldschmidt and his family took the bombing as an opportunity to flee Dresden in 1945 and their deportation to Auschwitz.

Elaine Blair is one of the renowned writers who love to read books. She is a travel freak; her trip to Germany with her husband inspired her to pen down this amazing historical fiction book. She was shocked at how the city was ruined in just 24 hours by British and American aircraft. Reading about the bombing of Dresden facts can give you a clear understanding of the story and history of Dresden.

Elaine loves to read survival and historical fiction book. She loves exploring and learning about new cultures, historical events, and people. She believes by reading stories about different parts of the world and people; everyone can learn to accept each other. The sole purpose behind writing the best historical fiction is to provide people with the real picture of post wars and stand against it.

While the sparks fly in Dresden, what sparks are ignited between Frieda and Walther in their flight and fight for survival? Who will survive the Dresden firebombing? Who will survive the Gestapo that looks for Jewish families that left Dresden during the bombings?

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