Officer John Rebus has had an extensive and exceptional career as a police officer, but his latest case could be the first one that might make him extremely frightened to solve

Best Riveting Police Procedurals Books to Read in 2022

Gear up, detective fans, because here we have presented the most riveting list of great police procedurals and some of the best true crime story books of 2022 that’ll surely enthrall you till you finish reading every page. So many crime genre fanatics break the internet searching for the best crime thriller books series, so here is some good news for all crime fiction zealots. These mind-devouring cops and crime novels have all the hallmarks of a great police procedural: detectives and police officers you’ll be cheering for, startling turns and twists, high-stakes threats, and ingenious plotting. So whether you’re in the mood for crime thriller novels about decades-old cold cases, mystical fires, or just some good old-fashioned murder crime mysteries, you’ll find something riveting on this list that keeps you turning the pages deep into the night.

Know What Cops Know

By Chief William G. Palmini Jr. & Tanya Chalupa

Know What Cops Know is one the best crime prevention books of 2022 that entails Chief William G.Palmini, Jr.’s fifty years of experience in the police force and training in preventive actions. Readers will learn the necessary skills and attain knowledge that’ll teach about crime prevention strategies and how to discern when you become a victim of a crime. It will help teach them to think keenly like a cop in recognizing potential law-breaking circumstances. Readers will also learn what they must do if they or their beloved ones are victims of crime. Know What Cops Know by authors and police offers Chief William G. Palmini Jr. & Tanya Chalupa comprises a wide spectrum of useful tips and information. It is a guidebook that should be kept in everyone’s home.

Crooked River

By Douglas Preston

A small route metropolis on Florida’s Gulf Coast gets a disturbing shock when a mass of normal shoes come washed up on shore—each one packed with a severed human foot. Detective Pendergast is on break in Florida, so he’s reported to examine the crime scene as it is and evaluate this unsettling case. But, when a coroner’s statement discloses an even larger mystery, Pendergast is absorbed in completely, determined to decipher the perplexities of this crime and figure out if the possessors of the feet might still be alive.

A Song for the Dark Times

By Ian Rankin

Officer John Rebus has had an extensive and exceptional career as a police officer, but his latest case could be the first one that might make him extremely frightened to solve. His daughter Samantha calls in late at night, distressed and terrified over her husband, who has gone missing for two days. Rebus instantly decides to help—it’s the only thing he can do for his daughter to compensate for his lack of parenting attributes over the years. But he also discerns that Samantha will supposedly be the main suspect in this missing case, and he isn’t sure how he’ll handle it if the conclusion reveals that she’s involved in her husband’s disappearance.

The Dark Hours

By Michael Connelly

One instead of two is better if both great investigators work on the mind-twisting case. In The Dark Hours, two of Michael Connelly’s most adored detectives, Renée Ballard and Harry Bosch, join forces to unravel two outwardly distinct homicide cases. LAPD detective Renée Ballard is working in the cemetery shift on New Year’s Eve when suddenly she’s called to the scene of a homicide: an auto shop landlord was murdered by a single gunshot at a jam-packed outside gathering. Her search leads her to a cold case once worked by renowned detective Harry Bosch. The two team up together, hopeful of deciphering both cases at once. But when the murderer realizes they’re on his trail, both their lives are at grave risk of death.

Forgotten in Death

By J.D. Robb

In the crime thriller book Forgotten in Death, the newest installment in J.D. Robb’s blockbusting series, murder detective Eve Dallas once again discovers herself amid deception, corruption, and life-threatening danger. She’s inspecting the homicide of a woman residing on the street who was explicitly known for keeping the police officers well-versed in minor criminal actions. During this inquiry, decades-old remnants are found in a building next door held by Eve’s billionaire spouse. Now, to seek justice for the two females, Eve investigates the world of real estate agencies. But when she finally starts to dig deep for answers, she discovers a slew of family mysteries and suspicious business dealings. Eve must work hard to use every trick up her sleeve to keep herself and her family out of danger.