Why Survival Mode Isn’t an Ideal Way to Live

Life, indeed, can be chaotic and busy. However, many of us have already accepted the fact that now and then, we all eventually become experts in activating our survival mode and learn to go through the emotions and destress in life and survive at all costs. This could be an effective method to deal with worries and difficulties of life and navigate the hectic routine. Still, there are major consequences of enduring life in a survival mode.

Many survival thriller books can also teach us that survival mode includes adaptive physical changes in our body that can benefit us to respond to the distresses that we face. When our body experiences the sensations of stress, a series of events occur inside our body, including drastic hormonal changes and major physiological responses that prepare the body to combat fight, freeze and flight responses. Think of an example to understand the significance of the body’s anxiety and stress response system and its effects on us. Several thriller survival fiction books present phenomenal examples of how the character’s body reacts to fight-or-flight responses. One such enemy’s book series that reminds us of these situations is Salvation Hoax Series by author Owen Davis. Owen has perfectly tried to convey an important message to the readers on how to prepare the body for even the worst situations, activate survival mode, and survive through the challenges.

Are There Any Health Risk Factors Involved In A Survival Mode?

When we put ourselves in a surviving mode for way too long, we can experience the effects that it can have on us. Myriad research reveals that chronic anxiety and stress and long-lasting exposure to stress hormones can be drastically harmful. Occasionally, our body might react excessively to stressors that our body experiences.

According to the best survival thriller books, constant stress, anxiety response, and extreme exposure to stress-response hormones can severely affect the body and mental health. And negatively affect our relationships, lead to several health problems, and increase the risk of depression. While considering all aspects, survival mode is a good thing; it activates the body to handle difficult situations and helps us survive them. But, it can eventually become hazardous to us.

This blog post presents 4 tips to overcome the survival mode that can be helpful on our journeys:

 Connect With Your Inner self

Survival mode usually requires discontinuation and sometimes disconnections with everyone around us. Connecting with our inner self is the key to learning how to live instead of merely surviving. Some methods to do this are simply asking ourselves, “What do I need from life?” When caught up in our survival mode, we usually neglect our requirements and feelings to understand what our body requires. Questions like” What is your body trying to tell you? Are you tired from the entire physical and emotional roller-coaster ride? Did you have a meal today? What are your emotions trying to say to you? Are you sad, angry or scared? Have long walks and try to connect with yourself and understand your needs so that you start responding the way you’ve been internally wishing all this time.

Connect With Supportive People Around You

Look for support and comfort from a sincere friend, therapist, loved ones or people who make you feel safe and relaxed. This way, you can build connections with reliable people who will motivate you to live life instead of survive. Doing so will help you gain a meaningful perspective on life and a way to socialize.

Routine Exercise

Exercises, particularly cardiovascular workouts, are a great way to start seeing life from a healthy perspective. In addition, it is widely considered a meaningful way to aid the body and deal with stress and the hormones involved in the body’s stress reaction.

Be Kind & Considerate Towards Yourself

Never shame yourself! Always remember that you didn’t purposely get stuck in this cycle. Our bodies are extremely skilled at adapting to unfavorable situations. At times, they can also adapt to a dangerous environment in a way that is of utmost help to us. Whenever our bodies get stuck in a loop of survival mode, it is imperative to understand the measures we can take to break the chain and end the cycle.

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