Top 5 Best-Selling Equestrian Guidebooks for all Horse Enthusiasts

Top 5 Best-Selling Equestrian Guidebooks for all Horse Enthusiasts

Everywhere in the whole world, humans are surrounded by animals. In their homes and anyplace else, domesticated animals would make their way into children’s or adult literature books, which pursue to put the world into building a strong and emotional connection with animals. Reading horse farrier books can immensely help your kids learn about the exclusive personalities of horses.

Many readers adore reading stories about pet animals with exceptional characteristics like humans. Kids and adults have been thrilled by riveting tales about animals for a long time. These stories are solely dependent on the concepts of animals like horses, which show many emotions and can develop a deep connection, just like humans. This provides them the sense of being kind and generous toward animals.

This blog post presents the readers with five popular horse books that can help every horse enthusiast learn more about them:

A Horse Named Spirit

By Michael Ellis

Of all the animals humans have ever used for domestication purposes, horses will always be special. Horses have a unique bonding with humans. Initially, horses were used to cover large distances, for transportation, and war companions, but later they proved to be human best friends. Human horse unique friendship has therapeutic power.

The strong and unique friendship between horses and humans has also been a part of literature. They have assimilated into human societies for many years and are now an important part. You can use horses for many purposes, and each purpose proves to be the best.

A Horse Named Spirit is a book about a horse named Spirit. He was a beloved memory of Stormy. The book is written in which Spirit portrayed his trials and tribulations. Most of his life experiences revolve around his mother, Stormy, and another horse named Thunder.

‘A Horse Named Spirit’ by Michael Ellis is one of the best nonfiction horse books. Michael Ellis is fond of horses. He is a US Marine who went on a Vietnam tour from 1966 to 1967. His parents bought his first family horse when he was away. She has a little filly known as Missy, who became his first horse in 1968. Years later, Michael and his wife decided to begin riding again. They bought Stormy, who later had a colt named Spirit.

Horse Brain, Human Brain: The Neuroscience of Horsemanship

By Janet Jones PhD

In this enlightening novel, brain professor and equestrian Janet Jones defines human and equine brains as functioning together. Using basic language, she discovers the dissimilarities and connections between equine and human behaviors of negotiating the world. Mental capabilities—like learning, seeing, trusting, fearing, and concentrating—are deliberated from horse and human perspectives. Throughout, nonfiction stories of horses and coaches trying to comprehend each other—sometimes efficaciously, sometimes not—help to exemplify the philosophies.

The horsemanship of every category hinge on mutual communication between equine and human intelligence. When we comprehend the meaning, we can learn to connect with horses on their expressions instead of ours. By meeting horses’ midway, we attain many objectives.

101 Ground Training Exercises for Every Horse & Handler

By Cherry Hill

Ground training is significant to a harmless and enjoyable riding experience. Aimed for an easy position while working with your stallion, this guidebook can be hung on a post. Handlers of all restraints and skill stages will profit from these exercises that strengthen good practices and help cultivate a robust connection between horse and equestrian.

Horse Life: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Riding Horses for Kids

By Robyn Smith

This ultimate guidebook to horses for children explains the fundamentals of equine care―from structure to housing to cleaning and nourishing. Whether you’re just beginning or already own a personal horse, you’ll painstakingly learn how to ride, remain safe around horses, and cultivate a strong and pleasant bond with them.

The Horse Encyclopedia

By Elwyn Hartley Edwards

This conclusive visual guidebook to horses and mounts comprises a list of over 150 diverse breeds and categories, comprising all those acknowledged by national horse societies. This striking volume is an impeccable reference guidebook for horse fans of all ages!

In the pages of this horse encyclopedia, you’ll find:

  • An inclusive horse compilation.
  • Professional care advice on keeping, nourishing, mentoring, and loving horses.
  • Sections on legendary breeds or separate horses, proprietors, handlers, or breeders