The Science behind the Depths of Spirituality

The main elements that make the essence of spirituality far beyond the physically known universe have remained ambiguous. This blog post will help the readers distinguish between the combined view of two seemingly different fields of science and spirituality.

Spirituality is termed as the science of the life-providing substance. In physics, we have made vast discoveries from molecules to atoms to even the sub-atomic world, and many identifications have been made regarding the fundamental forces. Still, these forces are only able to clarify how matter is made. These discoveries are still ambiguous and don’t explain the nature and composition of the life-giving substance itself. Because of this, a massive boundary exists between spiritual sciences and physical sciences. Author Lou Meyer’s work of art and best spiritual book Working in Partnership with God is undoubtedly the best strategic planning guide for everyone who wishes to understand spirituality and its mechanism.

Science & Spirituality

It isn’t a fact that people who practice spirituality reject discoveries and inventions; it is just that they don’t halt their knowledge by relying only on these aspects. Instead, they often state that science is indeed informative and backed by many theories and laws. Still, we ought to go beyond the fundamentals of science and the main principles of the philosophy of science.

Spiritual people do not contradict the theories of science. On the contrary, they willingly agree with all aspects of science. But their main motto is: “Science is undoubtedly wonderful but confined to certain limits”. The logic behind this statement is that science takes no knowledge of consciousness. Science merely considers the world as the physical reality without ever inquiring to whom the world is a physical reality. Surely scientific philosophies are indeed backed by many justifications. Still, science does not interrogate who is the one making all this happen, how this all appears, and why it is like this. That is why scientific discoveries are not false but just incomplete.

Fundamentals of Science Correlated With Spirituality

According to the predictable books on spiritual practices, to understand the fundamental meaning of life, we must find a chemical connection with consciousness and beyond. Therefore, it’s imperative to describe the main relevant terms first. Three fundamentals have been described in this blog post. There might be more depending upon our experience and opinions.


Our physical self is what we understand at the gross level. According to chemistry, the human body is comprised of 28 elements from the periodic table: hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen, contributing 96% of the total body mass. So the main question is: what happened to the rest of the other 82 elements? Why didn’t they contribute to the development of our body mass? How and when the chemical inventory of the body was made? If environmental factors contribute to the formation of bodies, does it affect the body’s composition when the environment changes? Where do we set the limit? These are the questions that often limit science theories, make us think about what lies beyond these configured theories, and let us go straight to the spiritual aspects of science.

Life energy

This works like an operating procedure that runs the central system, but the facts remain unknown. As a result, the matter of life energy has fundamentally remained uncharted. Currently, the scientific community relies on theories based on cellular and molecular studies, which often fluctuate, thus calling them path-breaking discoveries. The best spiritual books clarify the ambiguities of life energy, how and when it flows within ourselves and the mechanics behind it, some things science lacks in their studies.


Consciousness is a barrier between delicate life energies and the gross body. It can be termed as the metabolic route that halts between the observational traits of the gross body and the genetic constituents of life energy. Scientifically backed concepts can be related to understanding the contents of the mind and observing dimensions. According to spiritual studies, there are several gross layers and even more delicate coverings than mere abstractions that science has proven about the human mind. People use terminologies like consciousness, super-consciousness, sub-consciousness, awareness and sentiments to describe life. Though one can use these terms to state facts, we only concentrate on individual opinions.

To get an explicit understanding of life and these elements, their interaction, their attributes, their functional and structural correlates, and the gross-to-subtle routes, we ought to collect additional and circumstantial evidence to understand the science of spirituality evidentially exist in every part of this universe.

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