Kingdoms of Amalur Gets a Surprising Leak – Remaster Coming in August

Return to Amalur

UPDATE: You can NOW Pre-Order the Remaster for ALL Platforms!

Some years ago, there was a new Fantasy RPG IP that was released to gamers called Kingdoms of Amalur. Some people, including myself, found it to be one of the better Fantasy based RPGs that we’ve ever played. Superior gameplay design, amazing art style and an intriguing world set up a lot of questions.

With a story penned by Fantasy legend R.A. Salvatore and Spawn Artist Todd Mcfarlane, hopes were super high.

Sadly, the company that founded Kingdoms of Amalur went bankrupt shortly afterwards due to poor sales of the new IP. Even though critics and those who bought the game praised it’s forward thinking design, nothing came of it.

There’s been a sort of soft battle cry, somewhere in the background of gaming, for Amalur to receive some sort of update. Either in the form of a remaster, a reboot, a sequel, a prequel etc anything. Well, in June of 2020, we may have actually gotten an official response.

Apparently, a remastered version of the Amalur title will be coming to all platforms in August! 

Details are Emerging Around the Remaster

Title will be Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning which is an interesting title to say the least. Hey, we’re not here to judge the game’s title choices.

This will contain all of the DLC. Both DLC’s were additional story modes called Teeth of Naros and Dead Man Kel. Both DLCs were received fairly well, even if they didn’t do too much outside of the norm to establish a bigger world. Newer details will also include improved gameplay design, remaster and updated physics/graphics and higher fidelity options for PC.

Overall great news for anyone that was looking for a new game to sink hours into. Or for anyone that was a fan, or had an interest in Amalur, but didn’t want to fire up old gen hardware to play it. 

Even if the remaster is subpar and doesn’t do much to improve the game, we’ll welcome any chance to go back and play it. Sleeper hit? Maybe not, but nonetheless it is a blast to play through and we highly recommend you pick it up when it drops!


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