ReWorld Is Committed To Saving The Tropical Dry Forest In Colombia

What is ReWorld? In Colombia, the coverage of tropical dry forests is more than 7.3% of the national territory. For the second decade of the 20th century, its distribution throughout a large part of the Caribbean plain and lowland had decreased between 8 and 10%. Pastures, agricultural fields, and human settlements had replaced some 8,000 km2. ReWorld is raising collective action for the comprehensive management of the dry forest in Colombia through donations. 


What is ReWorld


Did you know 90 percent of the Colombian tropical dry forest disappeared due to the actions of man? Only about one million hectares of this ecosystem currently survive in isolated fragments of the Caribbean, the inter-Andean valleys, and the Orinoquia. 

The tropical dry forest in Colombia was strongly imposed in the Caribbean regions, the geographic valleys of the Magdalena and Cauca rivers, the Patia Valley, Norte de Santander and Santander, and the Orinoquia. 


ReWorld reveals the main strategies carried out by these companies that seek to shield these territories with trees adapted to deal with drought. This ecosystem, known as the forest of a thousand colors, has already lost nearly 90 percent of its territory due to agricultural overload and deforestation.


ReWorld, with the support of various scientific entities and local communities, has restored hectares in the Caribbean and the inter-Andean valleys of Magdalena and Cauca.

When the sky opens its doors to let the rain fall, its trees are painted in a thousand colors and retain every drop of water to face the solid and extensive drought. During the inclement dry season, all its leaves fall to the ground, and its branches and trunks are bare, revealing only its thorns of various sizes and shapes.


It is a tropical dry forest. An ecosystem that in Colombia was strongly imposed in the Caribbean regions, the geographical valleys of the Magdalena and Cauca rivers, the Patia valley, Norte de Santander and Santander, and the Orinoquia, in lands where the precipitation does not exceed 100 millimeters per month for at least three months of the year.


The dry forest’s carts and cedars abounded in more than nine million hectares of the country, a domain that began to fade during the last century due to the excessive arrival of agricultural activities, urbanization, and deforestation. Most of these remnants are in the Caribbean (417,000 hectares). However, only 5.8 percent are considered mature and face severe threats due to the expansion of livestock and agricultural areas and road infrastructure development.  Livestock and industrial developments such as hydroelectric plants represent scenarios of deep concern.


Why donate with ReWorld?


The tropical dry forest trees are characterized by having thorns and losing their leaves in summer. So donate and protect with ReWorldThe first project is with Proyecto Titi, with a 35 years track record of success. 


Despite its tremendous loss, an environmental catastrophe that makes it the most threatened ecosystem in the country, the Colombian dry forest is home to more than 2,600 plant species, of which about 83 are endemic to the country, in addition to 230 bird species and 60 from mammals.


The dry forest provides essential services for the communities that inhabit it, such as water regulation, soil retention, and carbon sequestration. In addition, it supplies species of forage and ornamental and fruit legumes that are important for the sustenance and well-being of the residents surrounding them.


Keeping the little dry forest that survives in Colombia standing is not the exclusive task of the environmental authorities, the government, and the communities that inhabit it. Due to its presence in the territory and its direct connection with the ecosystem, the business sector plays a determining role in its conservation, management, and sustainable use.


At ReWorld, we assure you that 100% of your contribution goes directly to Proyecto Titi so that we can build the world’s first community-built tropical forest together.

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