Zack Snyder's Justice League at DC FanDome is looking good!

Zack Snyder Teases Justice League DC FanDome Footage

Up, Up and Away!

Zack Snyder has started peeling back the curtain on his Justice League cut and fans are going wild! With the impending promise of an extended look/trailer at DC FanDome, we’ve started getting more concrete details on the film. What can we expect to see different, and what can stay the same.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League has been a long time coming for fans of the DCEU franchise. Years of fan campaigns (and no small amount of friendly complaining) prompted WB to finally give the go ahead. Snyder and crew were given upwards of $30 million just to get the project moving again. 

Now, we’re in August of 2020, and fans are getting really excited for the upcoming reveal event of DC Fan Dome. FanDome is a live digital reveal event that will run for 24 hours and will feature trailers, first time reveals and more for the DCEU. Films like Black Adam, Wonder Woman 1984, Justice League and possibly even Dune will make an appearance

one of many scenes that will be receiving some pretty big overhauls

Of course, ever the king of social media teases, Zack Snyder gave fans a little image of the crew working on VFX for the movie. The scene in question appears to be that of the Superman fight about halfway through the film. 

Ironically, despite all of the negativity that Joss Whedon got, the Superman fight was one that was agreed upon as pretty solid. Perhaps Whedon didn’t mess with that scene too much. 

The Superman fight is one of many scenes that will be receiving some pretty big overhauls inside of the Snyder Cut. Other scenes like the opening Steppenwolf fight, which will feature Darkseid instead. Additionally, there will be several scenes that fans have never actually seen before.

Cyborg will have a lot more screen time, Superman will feature much more prominently, Steppenwolf is receiving a much needed visual update etc. There’s going to be a lot to look forward to in terms of new content. Not even mentioning the fact that the film is going to be over 3 hours long, so buckle up.

This won’t be a film only reveal event either. Fan favorite and prominent video game developer Rocksteady, as well as WB Montreal, will be a part of DC FanDome as well. We already got a very brief image teaser about the Suicide Squad game. Hopefully WB Montreal will show off something as well, we can only hope.


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