Zack Snyder has given an update on the Snyder Cut release.

Zack Snyder Teases More Changes to Expect in Justice League

Less Red, More Blue

Snyder’s Justice League cut is on the forefront of several moviegoers minds right now. Many of us have been advocating for the movie to be released for years now, and finally learned that it will be. But, we’re wondering what will really change, and it seems that Zack Snyder is eager to share.

As said before, we don’t really have too much detail on what exactly will be changed from the theatrical version of the movie. Justice League already had so many changes when hands shifted from Snyder to Whedon. Just watching the subsequent trailer releases gives a good idea of what scenes will be included.

Snyder has also been very active on Vero and Twitter showing off cut scenes that he had finished. So there is some element of detail that fans are aware of when it comes to what to expect.

One Change in Particular is Being Addressed

One of the biggest complaints from fans when the film released was the aesthetic changes to the finale. In the original trailer, the cinematography and color filtering was much more blue and harsh. When Whedon made editorial changes, the whole screen got bathed in red filters.

People were not fans of the new look. Saying that it looked way too significant and heavy. Hollywood films shouldn’t look like Instagram filters, especially not when your movie universe hinged on that films success.

So, Snyder did at least confirm that the finale will look like how it did in the original trailer. More of the blues and greys as opposed to the heavy reds that the theatrical release saw. All we can say to that is ‘Thank God’.

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