Why Are People Watching John Henry? – New Netflix Movie is Not Great

No Amount of Terry Crews Can Save Us Now

Netflix recently released a film starring Terry Crews and Ludacris as a sort of quasi retelling of the John Henry legend. If you think that already sounds kinda wack, you aren’t wrong.

Audiences and critics alike all think that the movie is definitely less than well made. They are making their opinion heard in both the 0% Rottentomatoes score and on social media.

That being said, despite critical and commercial lambasting, the movie is currently in the Top 10 most watched. Why? I mean, why does anybody do anything? We rewatch The Room like every year because it’s so bad that it’s hilarious.

Look, John Henry is a classic American Folk Tale. The story of a man who triumphs over a machine is a pretty on the nose fable. All that being said, we’re not entirely sure we get the parallel between that and a gangster fighting domestic abusers.

There’s something just really strange and off putting about watching this movie. Especially when you have these social media reactions stuck in the back of your head.

Sometimes a movie becomes popular strictly because of how ridiculous it really is. John Henry is absolutely one of those movies, the difference is that the movie was trying to be good.


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