Another year of gaming has drawn to a close, we got a wonderful batch of games from story driven indie devlopers to hard hitting action games from prolific AAA developers.

While we will always have our own personal pedestal to place our favorites of the year upon, these are our picks from the team here at Scoophash.

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

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With its impressive design Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice puts its players in the shoes of Sekiro.

Having the ability to come back from the dead once, which is incredibly helpful considering how difficult the game can be

Sekiro emphasizes melee combat where if you were to make the slightest mistake in timing or movement it could spell out disaster.

Heaven’s Vault

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In Heaven’s Vault, you are Aliya Elasra, a space archeologist who explores the stars in her high-tech sailing ship. Who comes across a lost alien civilization with lots of people to talk to and artifacts to dig up as you search for clues.

What’s great about this video game is that the story changes with your choices, but what makes it stand out is its linguistics game.

As Aliya explores the spaceways, you help her piece together a lost alien language.

There isn’t any other game quite like this.

Katana Zero

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In Katana Zero you are a katana-swinging assassin armed with a drug that can bend time.

All your jobs come from your psychiatrist, who prescribes the time drugs as well. 

Katana Zero is a high action-puzzle game where each room you visit is a self-contained challenge where you need to find out the most efficient way out.

Very entertaining for those who like to use their minds.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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By far the best Star Wars video game ever made. 

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order takes you into a Jedi’s journey into Dark Souls territory.

The Combat is fast and punishing, and the levels are no doubt cleverly placed, with successively unlocked shortcuts.

Great for the Star Wars fan base.

Death Stranding

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November when Death Stranding was released it managed to live up to the hype.

With its dual focus on mass extinction events and human connection, Death Stranding provides existential terror.

The gameplay has intense and mind-bending action sequences.

The game’s self never leaves you wanting more.

My Friend Pedro

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Nothing is more entertaining than a video game that is all about moving fast, doing flips, and shooting people.

That’s why My Friend Pedro is in the five spot.

The game is pretty-odd, as it involves a floating talking banana named Pedro telling you to kill people.

No doubt the gameplay simple, but it does have its challenges in which will have you addicted.

You’re able to perform slow-motion wall jumps into rooms full of enemies and take them out with precise marksmanship.

Resident Evil 2

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 Resident Evil 2 is an instant classic.

One of the best horror games to ever be created. With its digital remastered version, you either can play as Officer Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield, players inhabited a slow-burn world of puzzles and panic that held on tight from start to finish.

Terrifying jump scares lurk at every corner, but the desire to live and beat this god-forsaken game can leave you stressed.

When you’re not playing the game you still get the feeling that you’re being chased by Mr. X.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 

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With the help of Gooigi, Polterpup, and Professor E. Gadd, Luigi and players will make their way through the haunted halls of the Last Resort Hotel facing ghostly foes on 17 different levels.

There are doors to enter, secrets to uncover, and tons of money to vacuum.

From start to end, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is one of the funniest games of 2019 — an accolade is rarely given to kidnapping simulations — that managed to exceed our incredibly high expectations

Untitled Goose Game

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Starting in an untitled village where an untitled farmer and his untitled goose enemy go head-to-head in this relentless game titled Untitled Goose Game.  

The video game will give you a glimpse into the class struggle, moral ambivalence, and existential dread.

Fundamentally redefining what it means to be a goose on the loose giving you an insight into why it is considered the runner up for this year’s top-10.


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There is no doubt in my mind that Control will be this year’s Game of the Year. Everything about the game is worth wild.

You’ll play as Jesse Faden who unlocks a wider range of powers and configurations for her mysterious and highly-relevant-to-the-plot firearm.

The story is well-written and well-performed, with tons of collectibles scattered around that lend miles more depth to the unfolding mystery.

A forever-transforming secret government facility that serves up new thrills around every corner. What’s not to like?