Amazon Makes Big Move into AAA Gaming Industry

The Crucible Beckons Guard- Wait, wrong game…

While they are still preparing to release their MMO New World, Amazon made another big gaming move. Launching this last Wednesday, Amazon gave us Crucible. A third person MOBA style shooter meant to rival Overwatch, Paladins and League of Legends.

Bearing in mind, this is just one of Amazon Game Studios projects. With two MMO’s planned for a release soon, including a Lord of the Rings game.

Crucible was announced back in 2016 by Amazon, which was around the time that they took a vested interest in gaming. Which could make Amazon a powerhouse in game development. Mostly because the budgets can be enormous, the payroll can be extremely competitive, and there is tons of opportunities for new IPs. 

Crucible itself certainly looks awfully unique. Gameplay wise it looks like a mix of Overwatch, Destiny and Fortnite. Combining tight shooting mechanics with varying abilities and class specific abilities to change things up.

Art style looks like a combination of Warframe, Evolve and weirdly enough, Super Smash Bros. You seriously can’t tell me that a few of these characters don’t look like ‘edgy’ versions of OG Nintendo characters.

So what is the point to Crucible? If you’ve played like games like Hunt Showdown or Evolve, you’ll get the idea of the game pretty quick. You wander around a semi-open map defeating AI enemies and working together with teammates. 

Outside of all of this, the game is also free to play. There are founder’s packs that go towards keeping the developers afloat and updates consistent, but the game is completely free. So there’s no reason not to at least try it out for a bit and see if you like it or not.

Personally we haven’t really formed an opinion on it as of yet. We’re pretty big fans of Evolve and Overwatch (RIP Evolve) so games that try to occupy that space have lots of competition. Nonetheless, Crucible does provide a different enough take on the genre to be worth a few hours of play time.


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