Our 10 Favorite YouTube Channels to Dive Into

We’re big fans of content creators here at Geekhash. There’s some truly talented people out there doing all sorts of great stuff on YouTube.

Whether you’re into movie essays, comedy skits, video gameplays, DIY projects etc. There is simply so much to choose from and explore that even starting is a daunting task. Luckily, we’ve definitely seen our way around the YouTube sphere and know a thing or two.

So without further ado, here’s our 10 FAVORITE YouTube Channels that we come back to over and over again!


FunHaus – Comedy/Gaming

If you’ve watched our podcasts or know us in person, you know that we love FunHaus to an unreal level. This group of friends under the Rooster Teeth company is some of the funniest people in the world.

If you’re a fan of side splitting laughs, incredible improv comedy and some truly exceptional sketches, look no further. Funhaus is simply the best at what they do. Whether it’s Bruce Greene, James Willems, Elyse Willems or Adam Kovic, it is unreal how funny these people are!


On The Spot – Comedy/Late Night

Fan of things like Whose Line is it Anyway mixed with Conan O’Brien? Then Rooster Teeth’s show ‘On The Spot’ will leave you gasping for breath!

The whole show is nothing but unfiltered improv comedy. Some of the most quotable moments of all late night style shows can be found here. Plus, if you like Funhaus, they’ve made a few guest appearances!


Top5’s – Mysteries/Fun Facts

Certainly no shortage of channels on YouTube that provide lists about mysteries and conspiracies. Matter of fact, there’s so many that finding someone who does a good job of covering it is rough.

Fortunately though, Top5’s not only provides some very new mysteries but provides tons of information. There are so many great entries in this channel’s catalogue that recommending a start is impossible. Just pick one, or choose a playlist and kick back, enjoy the mysteries!

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Entertain the Elk – TV Essays

Much like the mysteries entry, essays on YouTube are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you want to listen to rants or adulation about your favorite TV series, this is the channel for you.

This group of people look at TV series (and some movies) in ways that might make you see them differently. Personally we love their videos about the Clone Wars Series and how they view them as art. There’s a lot to enjoy about Entertain the Elk.


Storytellers – Movie Essays

If you would rather see people pick apart films with the respect of filmmakers, then this is where you need to go. They look at films both subjectively and objectively, diving into the fine details of what makes film great.

Overall there is no single video to point out here and the meaning of the channel is straightforward. Just see if they have your favorite movie analyzed, if not, just watch something else.


CinemaWins – Wholesome Content

Your eyes are not deceiving you, there is a channel much like Cinemasins that does the opposite. He just focuses on the aspects of films that he finds compelling and worth praising.

Honestly, this channel is just such a nice beacon of light among all of the movie rant videos. He’s just so frequently enthusiastic about his movies and why he enjoys them the way that he does! We love this channel so freaking much.


LEMMiNO – Facts and Trivia

If Top5’s is the best channel for mysteries, LEMMiNO is the best at explaining mysteries. He approaches everything with a sense of skepticism but interest that will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

From aliens to conspiracy theories to just fun trivia, LEMMiNO is just fantastic. And his production value for his videos is on par with the best content creators on the internet.


Laymen Gaming – Gaming News

One of the best places to update gaming articles and news, Laymen Gaming is the best. They have a good sense of humor as well which really helps to create good content.

Covering everything from reviews to upcoming projects to Gaming drama articles. Both of them are fantastic at providing opposing views for their various forms of media.


CineFix – Movie Analysis 

Suppose that you don’t want personal opinion in any of your film channel essays. Well, CineFix is probably the best place for your particular tastes then. Ultimately these guys do nothing but analyze the fine details of what makes a film objectively good.

There is no place in these videos (unless mentioned in the title) where they do not break it down as filmmakers. Want to know why a certain camera angle was used, why certain colors, what techniques? Give this channel a binge!


Achievement Hunter – Gameplay 

Rooster Teeth’s gaming channel has been around for years. Started out as an incredible basic channel that now has multiple shows, personalities and a bevy of videos.

Personally we love their old GTA IV, Minecraft and GMOD videos. They are some of the most entertaining gaming videos on YouTube. As a whole, it’s a group of friends laughing, playing and yelling at each other for varying lengths of time.

Worth every second, even if some of their newest stuff is a little more tame.


That’s our list guys! Some of these you are probably very familiar with. Especially creators like CineFix and LEMMiNO, but hopefully a few of these were newer to you and you found a new favorite!

We’d be lying if we said that FunHaus was not our overall favorite but hey, there’s always room for more!

Who are your favorite content creators on YouTube? Let us know in the comments below and follow us here at Geekhash for more updates on gaming and lists like this!

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