Best Adventure Movies of All TIME!

We’re all seen one of these entries at one point or another in our life. Some of us grew up watching movies like Indiana Jones, so we thought that we’d share some other ones like it!

To make this list a little more clear, we’re sticking with films that have a dominantly fantastical setting. But, also movies that with that fantastical setting are also set in our real world. Hence why we used Indiana Jones as a prerequisite for this list.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the list!


Indiana Jones And the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Honestly, did you think that we’d start this list off with any other entry? The movie that started a fascination with the Adventure genre? Perish the thought!

Raiders of the Lost Ark is legitimately one of the greatest adventure movies ever made in film history. With phenomenal performances from Harrison Ford and his revolving door of supporting casts. Of course we would be remiss not to mention John Williams iconic score.

We never get tired of revisiting this movie, it will stand the test of time for years to come!


The Revenant

It should go without saying that this movie is significantly darker and more mature than Indiana Jones is. If you are unfamiliar with this movie, then take our word for it, it is not for the kiddies.

Based on a semi-real story, The Revenant is about vengeance and death set against the backdrop of old America. With fantastic cinematography, stellar performances from Di Caprio and Hardy and an amazing soundtrack.

Revenant is a film that you will not soon forget, and will haunt your dreams to the very end.


King Kong (Peter Jackson Version)

The story of King Kong is a tale as old as time, and Peter Jackson’s rendition of it is freaking awesome.

Stuffed to the gills with incredible CGI, a strong sense of adventure and an amazing cast of characters. There’s a never ending sense of awe and adventure surrounding this movie.

All of the fantastic creatures are rendered with impeccable detail and the story, while basic, ties everything together.

National Treasure

We will defend this movie until the day we die. Make no mistake, this movie has a lot of issues, including a very bored Nicholas Cage. 

That being said, this movie has just enough intrigue, mystery and historical drama to make it fun time. The sense of scale and entertainment in this movie is such a grand time that we love revisiting it.

Story wise, this movie is fairly basic. It takes a lot of liberties with the historical source material and it never hits all the right notes. Setting up a lot of loose ends that never pay off, but it is still one of our favorite adventure films!


The Mummy

So if we’re going to defend National Treasure, it’s really only fair that we mention the first Mummy movie. Starring Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz and John Hannah, The Mummy is pretty heavy on the Indiana Jones vibe.

Telling the story of a group of archaeologists and a treasure hunter who discover a lost city. Storytelling is not really the strong suit of this movie, and the CGI in some places aged really poorly. Nonetheless, this movie is so infectiously fun and quotable that it’s a no brainer to recommend.


The Lost City of Z

My personal favorite movie in the adventure genre is also one of the slowest and most accurate. Lost City of Z tells the true life story of Percy Fawcett who tried to find a lost city in the Amazon.

While this movie is significantly more stately and film heavy than the more action focused entries, it thrives on it. Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland all turn in award winning performances. Hunnam in particular is fantastic in this movie, showing his charisma and charm.

Sense of adventure and exploration pervades this entire movie. As they try to find whatever the Lost City is, they encounter several setbacks and dangers. Full of wit, charm, great music and phenomenal cinematography.


That’s our list folks! We wanted to stay away from SciFi entries and pure fantasy, so if you’re annoyed at no Star Wars or LOTR that’s why.

So with that being said, these are our favorite adventure films! Trying to tap into the same genre as Indiana Jones is certainly no easy feat, especially when those films aged well and started cult followings. 

Nonetheless, we still love these movies all the same! Be sure to tell us which ones are your favorite in the comments below!


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