Time to head back into one of gaming's best. Crysis Remastered is coming

Crysis Remastered Gameplay Trailer Gets Leaked

But Can it Run Crysis?

If you weren’t excited about Crysis Remstered before, perhaps this will change your mind! Because now it seems that some official gameplay was leaked ahead of the trailer/gameplay reveal. The planned reveal for Crysis Remastered was July 1st, so we really weren’t even that far away from the reveal itself. Which could very well mean that this leak was intentional to drum up some hype.

Even then, the leaked reveal date for the full game is only a couple weeks after this trailer was supposed to drop. Overall it seems to us that this leak may have been done on purpose, or just made a little easier to find.

Crysis Remaster Release Date, Trailer and Screenshots Leaked from r/GamingLeaksAndRumours

When watching the trailer itself, it doesn’t show off very much. We see the updated textures, the added CryEngine features, new character models, facial animations etc. Which, it is a remaster so it makes sense that it wouldn’t be adding all that much new.

Welcome to The Jungle

Of course, that being said, Crysis was already one of the best looking games on the market when it was released. Even by today’s standards, the original Crysis, Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 held up remarkably well. Despite being more than a decade old, Crysis has long been considered a gem in gaming that withstood the test of time. 

From a gameplay perspective, these games were pretty darn near perfect. Adapting your weapons, armor and abilities on the fly without having to go into equipment menus was way ahead of its time. 

Firefights and action were extremely satisfying. Allowing for any combination of stealth or full frontal assault in an open sandbox like arena. Weapons sounded like terrifying machines of death, with audio work that is second only to the Battlefield series.

Additionally, the suit abilities made mixing up combat extremely satisfying to perform. Turning on armor to tank an RPG head on then immediately turning on Strength to yeet an enemy a mile away. So many good memories were made in this game for young Thomas.

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Something that fans missed in this game that was eventually absent from the sequels was the more open sandbox levels. The level of customization and thought process that went into tackling enemy territories was vastly different in this game. Think along the lines of a SciFi Farcry game. You had several options available to you, but you had to plan it out ahead of time.

Fight the Future

Crysis Remastered will also introduce new players to the first chapter in the Crysis trilogy. A chapter that the majority of players have never even experienced due to its original PC exclusivity. Now that Xbox and PlayStation players can get in on the fun, hopefully it’ll drum up some new excitement for the series.

We personally enjoyed the original game’s story. Sure it wasn’t The Last of Us Part II, but it also wasn’t Call of Duty. It took itself fairly seriously and told an engaging story of conspiracies, aliens and SciFi technology. Besides, in the future games, Prophet becomes a serious badass.

Luckily, console players don’t have to worry about waiting for a Crysis 2 or 3 Remaster to enjoy the whole trilogy. Both of the sequels are already available on console, and honestly they do not need a remaster. Not yet anyways.

We’re pretty freaking excited for Crysis Remastered. It could be a return to form for Crytek, as they’ve been in some financial trouble for a while. Introducing new players to one of the FPS genre’s very best games never hurts.

Are you excited to jump back into the boots of Prophet and take on the aliens and insurgents? Let us know in the comments below!


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