As rumors of a sequel coming to the Fable game series circulate, Microsoft has applied to renew its trademark for the games, marking their application with “Intent to Use”.

The trademark application was filed on June 26th. This isn’t a weird move for the company to make, as most companies renew their trademarks the IP’s that they own. But it is interesting that it’s happening now and also that they marked “Yes” next to “Intent to Use” while “Current Use” being marked “No”. This has many believing Microsoft has plans for the franchise.

"Fable" License Renewed by Microsoft

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There have been rumors of a new Fable game for quite some time, dating back to 2017, when Playground Games was hiring talent for an “open world action-RPG”. They even opened up a new studio to create Project 2, a game that was meant to be distanced from their popular Forza series.

In 2018, Ralph Fulton, Playground Games Creative Director, told Daily Star Online that their new game’s lead platform would be the Xbox One X. This came days after a report by Eurogamer suggested that Playground was developing a new game in the Fable series.

With the next generation of consoles right around the corner, we wonder if the new game – if it does exist – will be coming to the Xbox Series X, or if it will serve as one last big bang for the Xbox One X.

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