Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is coming soon this holiday season

Medal of Honor Getting a Soft Reboot as a VR Game

A Return to Honor

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is the official title of the upcoming soft reboot of the Medal of Honor franchise. After being pretty much dead after Medal of Honor Warfighter, it seems that Respawn wants to bring it back.

Now before you jump down Respawn’s throats and blame them for bringing back a dead game, there is some good reason for it.  Both of the lead developers of Respawn are actually responsible for the best moments in Medal of Honor. They both worked and helped create Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and worked on the game franchise for years together.

This isn’t some random cash grab for Respawn or EA, it’s a passion project for them to bring back a beloved Franchise. To give players who either never experienced the games or to give back to the veteran players who loved the original games. 

Half-Life: Alyx proved to gamers and critics that VR can be done extremely well

Now, that being said, this is a VR only game. So if you don’t have a headset or you do not particularly care for VR, then you’re just out of luck as far as this game goes. VR is quickly becoming a much bigger staple in the gaming industry as a whole as well. 

Half-Life: Alyx proved to gamers and critics that VR can be done extremely well. Not only could VR have legitimately enjoyable gameplay with intuitive controls, but it could also have stellar graphics deserving of current gen hardware. Overall just showing that everyone has the opportunity to make a good VR game, if they just put enough love into it.

If there is one developer who clearly loves and puts a ton of effort into their games, Respawn would definitely be in the running. There’s so much care, effort and creativity that they put into every single game that they’ve made.

Whether it was reinventing and improving the Battle Royale genre with Apex Legends, or changing the FPS scene forever with Titanfall. Interestingly enough, both of those games kinda did reshape the respective genres, and no one has really capitalized on it outside of Respawn.

Titanfall 2 upped the ante in a way that no FPS game has even come close to

Apex Legends kinda broke the mold with a combination of Overwatch like abilities and Ultimates combined in a BR style multiplayer arena. Consistently improving the game with new characters, new maps, new abilities, new weapons etc. Even bigger names in the BR landscape like Fortnite and PUBG have yet to really reach the gameplay fluidity of Apex Legends.

On the other side of things, Ttianfall’s mech combat that combined seamlessly with fast paced FPS gameplay is still unrivaled. Despite releasing more than 4 years ago, Titanfall 2 upped the ante in a way that no FPS game has even come close to. 

Suffice to say, from where we’re sitting, Respawn has nothing left to prove to us. If they believe that they can deliver an authentic VR experience for Medal of Honor, then we trust that they will do so. 


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