An Instant Classic

Microsoft Flight Simulator has finally launched on PC this week and it is getting rave reviews across the board from gamers and critics alike.

Go Anywhere You Want

The game gives you access to flying around the entire world, and it does so in near-photographic-realism, using the Bing Map integration. This system uses two petabytes (2,000 terabytes) of satellite and high-altitude photography to bring the world to realistic life. You can travel to places you have visited and take a trip to the places you’ve always dreamed of.

As IGN puts it in their review:

“The effect is absolutely mindblowing: I’ve flown places I’ve never been in my life, circling Machu Picchu or barnstorming between the Great Pyramids, and it feels like virtual sightseeing.”

Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Loved By Everyone

They seem to not be the only ones to praise this game and its freedom to go wherever you want.

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The game is currently sitting at a 93 on Metacritic, indicating “universal acclaim.” In an excerpt from their review of the game, The Guardian says:

“Wherever you go, this game captures the wonder of flight, and the spiritual and emotional rush of seeing the world in a different way.”

Microsoft Flight Simulator Getting Rave Reviews

This game may not sound like your usual type of gaming experience. There aren’t any enemies to fight, there aren’t any other players to team up with or take down, but it could be just the kind of game we needing right now.

The Kind of Game We Need

With the coronavirus pandemic still going strong right now, travel is limited. We just can’t really go anywhere and if we do, we have to go through some more protocols than we are used to. But this game gives us an opportunity to explore the world and the places we miss going to.

It gives us a blank slate to write our own story in and craft something of our own emotional desire.

As IGN puts it in their last words of their review:

“Microsoft Flight Simulator is legitimately incredible. It’s difficult to fully describe how amazing it feels to jump into a plane and have the freedom fly to and from literally any place in the entire world. The base game’s 20 included aircraft feel like more than enough for even hardcore aviation enthusiasts, and the ability to adjust the assists to tailor the experience to whatever skill level you desire makes it suitable for anyone looking to fly the friendly skies from the comfort of their home. The real-world mapping data, however, takes Microsoft Flight Simulator from being just an impressive game to the most awe-inspiring simulation I’ve ever experienced, in spite of its less than stellar load times. Seeing famous landmarks, landing at the world’s most recognizable airports, or just touching down in a remote landing strip in South America is mind-bogglingly cool and an absolutely unparalleled way to virtually explore our world.”

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