Space Jam 2 Gets Its First Official Tease

Come on and SLAM!

It’s okay if you were unaware that this movie was even happening given everything that’s been going on. But, consider this your notice that Space Jam 2 is indeed happening, whether you want it or not! It’s also not called Space Jam 2, it’s Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Lebron James has long been attached to the upcoming movie sequel, which in our opinion is the right call. Fans had yet to really see anything from the movie, no BTS images, promotion material or social media teases. Well, we finally have something to see.

In the short Twitter Video, we see LeBron James getting his hype on in a very colorful and awesome looking Tune Squad uniform! Can we just say, that even if this isn’t official footage for the film, that the usage of color is so cool looking. Bravo needs to go to the art direction for whoever set this shot up!

Nostalgia can be a very powerful tool

This video is both a heavy nostalgia trip and a cooler modern design of the iconic jersey from the original movie. I mean, I can’t argue the efficacy of this video, it made me want to buy that Jersey and rock it at the movie premier. Nostalgia can be a very powerful tool, and since so many of us grew up with this movie, it’s about the only tool you need.

Really the only thing that would’ve made it better would be an appearance from one of the original Looney Tunes members. A little Daffy Duck, Tweety or Bugs Bunny can go a long way on that nostalgia train!

As for what the movie will be about, well we kinda have no idea at this point in time. In the previous movie it was about a group of space aliens that need to find new talent for their intergalactic theme park. They butt heads with the Looney Tunes and find themselves challenged to a Basketball game.

After they steal the powers from notable NBA players like Larry Bird and Charles Barkley, they basically turn into massive steroid monsters. Michael Jordan manages to avoid the aliens because he was playing MLB at the time of the movie. After he agrees to help the Looney Tunes cast, he finds himself playing the wackiest game of basketball ever conceived. 

Some Strange Writing Choices

Ridiculous, fun and hilarious in equal measure. Space Jam was a product of the times, the late 90s was a strange place for films and no better film encapsulates it then Space Jam. We’ll rewatch that movie any day, any time and any place.

All that being said, we’re looking forward to what Space Jam: A New Legacy pulls off for fans young and old. 

Maybe the only place we’re a little worried about the project is in the crew that’s writing the movie/script. Ryan Coogler has proven his veracity and talent in films like Black Panther and Fruitvale Station. But he’s only really done heavy drama and intense family storytelling, not much of a comedy writer.

Whereas Malcolm D. Lee, who has only done comedy, hasn’t really done the best job with his material as some have. Granted, plenty of directors/writers end up with one big hit that reinvents their style and skill. So who knows, maybe Space Jam is the film to turn the typecast around for these writers/directors. 


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