NYC Students Needing an iPad: Deadline is Thursday

The deadline for students to register for a city-issued iPad to use while schools and buildings are closed due to coronavirus lockdown.

A submittal must be placed by 5 P.M. if families want to get one, which is the deadline that city officials had hoped to have a device in the hands of every student.

While there can still be requests filled out after Thursday, they won’t be fulfilled until May. Families can receive as many devices as they want by filling out multiple surveys, and there is no financial information required by the city to give one out.

To register for an iPad, you can fill out this survey or call 718-935-5100 and choose option 5.

There are more than 70,000 students who have asked for one that are still waiting for it to arrive.

There has not been any information given by the city about how much money is being spent on this initiative, and we’re not sure there needs to be. The most important thing is that the city is trying to help children get their education.

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