Rainbow Six Siege: New Operators Revealed Ahead of New Season

Rainbow Six Siege is gearing up for its new season, Steel Wave, and today we have the official announcement for the two new operators that are coming out with it: Ace and Melusi.

The announcement comes via a short teaser video, showing the two operators, before teasing a full reveal for Monday, May 18th.

There hasn’t been any information given about the operators and how they play. We are given brief glimpses at their gadgets, but these are short and not too telling. We are sure to learn more about how they play on Monday.

The roadmap for the game’s fifth year shows that there are two new operators coming, one from South Africa and one from Norway. This certainly lines up with the video showing an African plain. The rumors also say one operator will be a “hard breach operator” and the other will have a pyramid-shaped gadget that slows down enemies in its line-of-sight. Again, this is all speculation, but certain information does line up with what’s seen in the video.

We will be sure to update this story once the full reveal happens on Monday.

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