Samsung’s VR Headset is Overlooked and Pretty Awesome!

VR is quickly becoming one of gaming’s biggest ventures. One of the most overlooked items is third parties that are working on different types of VR experiences.

The HMD Odyssey is one of the most overlooked VR headsets because of how dominant the Vive and Oculus is. Developed by Samsung, the Odyssey works in conjunction with Windows, it is moving on the same territory occupied by HTC.

What sets Odyssey apart from the competition is the way that the cameras and sensors are mounted/crafted. Most headsets (including Vive/Oculus) have cameras/sensors that are a fixed direction. Meaning that while they cover everything to the best of the headsets POV, it isn’t a perfect mix.

Introducing Odyssey’s attempt. The sensors/cameras are essentially mounted on miniature gimbals that can swivel and track more effectively. Making the Odyssey have an unseen amount of control and flexibility in rendering VR projects.

Additionally, the headset will have built in microphones and high quality surround sound systems. So you don’t need to invest in any secondary pieces of hardware.

If this headset performs as well as the high end tech that is inside of it, it could be a game changer. If anyone would be able to stack up to the popularity of HTC and Oculus, it would be Samsung. They partnered up with Oculus back in the day for Samsung VR, so they already have a firm grasp.


The Odyssey is out now and runs $400, on par with Oculus Go and $300 less than HTC.