Tile Bluetooth Tracking is Still Amazing!

Tired of losing important things or just want some peace of mind? Bluetooth security tracking devices are one of the best ways to keep tabs on items!

Tile has been around for a little while, and certainly has become a must have for people with valuable technology. Need to keep tabs on your camera, laptop, phone, wallet, purse etc? Buy a Tile and attach it to the inside so that you can track it. 

Not only is it a very valuable commodity to have, Tile is also incredibly affordable. Each one costs only 25$ and is extremely resistant to weather and distance.

You don’t have to charge it, you don’t have to replace the battery and you don’t have to subscribe to anything for it. Ultimately it’s just a peace of mind piece of tech that does a lot to keep you sane with expensive items. 

Add on top of that, Tile’s IPS5 weather resistance rating means that it can withstand pretty much anything. 


We seriously cannot recommend Tile enough! It’s extremely valuable, hugely worth the investment and provides an excellent layer of security for your items!