DC Hitting a Rough Patch

Due to the recent restructuring of WarnerMedia, DC Comics DC Universe are being affected by a big set of layoffs that makes up a third of the editorial staff and also includes the Editor-In-Chief.

Some Big Changes

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the massive comic book company went through a major shake-up on Monday, with sources claiming that “roughly one-third of DC’s editorial ranks” are faced with losing their jobs. Bob Harris, the Editor-In-Chief, is said to be among those who have left the company as part of this process.

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Other employees who have reportedly been affected by the layoffs are Hank Kanalz, senior VP of publishing strategy and support services, Jonah Weiland, VP of marketing and creative services, Bobbie Chase, VP global publishing initiatives and digital strategy , Brian Cunningham, story editor, and Mark Doyle, executive editor.

Through all of this, Jim Lee is remaining the Chief Creative Officer.

DC Comics Facing Massive Layoffs

Not Just DC Comics Are Being Affected

DC Universe, the company’s subscription service for all DC content, is also reported to have been affected by this restructuring and the layoffs. Reportedly, a “majority of staff” are being laid off. It’s a move that was, allegedly, “widely expected as WarnerMedia shifts its focus to new streaming service HBO Max.”

DC FanDome is Just Around the Corner Too

These layoffs come just two weeks before the DC FanDome event is set to take place on August 22nd. The event is expected to show off a lot of new trailers, information, and looks at all DC content coming to comics, movies, TV, and more. There will be a variety of virtual panels from the cast and crew of projects like Wonder Woman 1984, The Batman, The Suicide Squad, Black Adam, and the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

The event will start at 10 A.M. PST on the 22nd, and will run for 24 hours. It will be open to DC fans around the world.

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