Henry Cavill Returning as Superman in Different Movies

More Powerful Than a Locomotive

If you were worried that you’d never see Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel again, have no fear. The actor had mentioned before that he was not planning on hanging up the mantle, but it wasn’t up to him. 

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to finally see Man of Steel 2 be confirmed, it isn’t. Matter of fact, according to most reports and insider knowledge on the matter, we never will. Despite Man of Steel becoming a fan favorite and grossing plenty of money for a sequel, they just never moved forward with it.

So where does that leave Cavill’s Superman appearances? Well, according to those same reports, the actor is going to have appearances in Shazam 2, Aquaman 2 and Black Adam. Supposedly he’ll just be making team up appearances and the occasional cameo.


Shzam is kind of a dead giveaway, in the comics Superman is a mentor to Shazam. He teaches him how to harness and control his power for the greater good of people around the world. Plus he had that fun little cameo towards the end of the first movie, stands to reason that he exists. 

Black Adam’s movie is where we’d be the most excited to see Henry Cavill make a return to the character. Dwayne Johnson has talked all sorts of smack while training for the role. Even going so far as to say that Adam could take on the whole League and that they plan to have a throwdown. Specifically calling out Cavill’s Superman for a movie fight.

Only one that doesn’t lend much credibility is Aquaman 2. In the films that they have established, Superman and Aquaman don’t seem to care much for each other. So it would be kinda weird to have a cameo in that film, but hey we won’t complain.

Cavill Does Have Other Concerns

Right now Cavill certainly has time on his hands for some DCEU projects. While he is slated to play Sherlock Holmes in an upcoming Netflix movie, he isn’t attached to much else. There is Season 2 of The Witcher, but it is on hiatus until studios open back up. 

Recently he did host the Man of Steel watch party with Zack Snyder, which is where they announced the Snyder Cut. Luckily that means that even if he only gets cameos, there is at least going to be more Henry Cavill in the DCEU. 

What do you make of Cavill possibly making appearances in upcoming DCEU projects? Which movies would you like to see his Superman make a return in the most? Let us know in the comments below!


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