Is Elon Musk The Next Big Music Artist?!

Don’t Doubt ur Vibe!

Sometimes we’re graced with a music artist dropping a new track out of nowhere. Other days we discover an artist who had very little recognition and we help them get noticed. And sometimes, our preferences change and we dislike music that we previous liked. And sometimes, a bored billionaire CEO makes an electrical music piece out of nowhere and does about as well as you’d expect.

Elon Musk is certainly a household name. And by household I mean technology, he is not known for his musical talents. Until now that is.

To Musk’s credit, he did announce that we would be releasing a track on Emo G Records. And while most people chalked it up to a meme (seriously, the name is Don’t Doubt ur Vibe), turns out he was completely serious.

Look, we’re not pretending to be big musical entrepreneurs ourselves, far be it from us to judge someone else’s talents. But take a listen for yourself.

Regardless of where you fall on the man’s musical abilities, he has had a stellar year. SpaceX begins manned missions soon, Tesla stock is doing very well and he beat a defamation case in court. Things are riding high for Musk, and while I certainly don’t doubt his vibe, time will tell if we have another Kanye West on our hands.

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