Lord and Miller Are Making a New SciFi Movie – Ryan Gosling to Star

To The Stars

After the immense success of movies like LEGO Movie as well as Into the Spiderverse, there’s a new movie coming. Lord and Miller are adapting Andy Weir’s upcoming SciFi novel, starring Ryan Gosling.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s accolades include winning an Oscar for Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. They also had responsibility for creating roughly around half of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Around the time that they were working on Solo they got dropped by Disney.

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Now, it seems that they are taking to the stars once again in an adaptation of Andy Weir’s upcoming novel. Details on the project are rather sparse as you might imagine. Right now we don’t even know the official name of the novel, it’s code named “Project Hail Mary”. What we do know about it is that it will be starring Ryan Gosling about a man aboard a spaceship. As he finds himself drifting further and further he begins a desperate mission to save the planet.

It seems like a match made in heaven, considering Ridley Scott developed the last Andy Weir book. A movie which released to tons of critical and commercial success. 

Ryan Gosling also starred in two other space movies that received extremely high marks as well. He starred in Damien Chazell’s First Man which focused on the exploits of the Apollo Missions in the 1960s. Also, he starred in Denis Villeneuves’ Blade Runner: 2049. This seems like a match made in heaven for us!

What do you think of the new movie coming from Phil Lord and Chirs Miller? Let us know what you think in the comments down below!


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