Tom Cruise Training Test for Top Gun: Maverick Sounds Insane

Tom Cruise is known for his intense dedication to his craft, performing as many stunts as possible himself and training extensively for his roles. This has applied to his co-stars for Top Gun: Maverick now, as we’ve not learned the details of the training test he put his younger co-stars through.

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Producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, detailed how Cruise put his co-stars through tough training exercises to help them be prepared for the gravitational forces that come when flying a jet, including treacherous water survival training. And he didn’t make them do it alone, joining in on the training as well.

“He put the actors through this grueling process over three months so they could take the G-forces when we put them in the F/A-18s,” Bruckheimer explaiend, “It was really a tough slog for these young actors, because they also had to go through water survival training, where they are blindfolded and put in a water tank that’s turned upside down and they have to figure out how to get out. And Tom went through all the same stuff! They told me he went through that training just like a 22-year-old would — that’s how good he is.”

We can’t say we are surprised in the slightest to hear about this. Cruise is constantly wowing us with the lengths he is willing to go for his action roles. But we won’t lie and say we wouldn’t be absolutely terrified to got through this training. Blindfolded underwater? No, thanks.

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