Upcoming video game MOrtal Shell has impressed us quite a bit!

Mortal Shell Might be Our Favorite Game at IGN’s Summer of Gaming Event

Back to the Gothic Time

As self proclaimed fans of From Software’s titles like Dark Souls and Sekiro, this reveal really got us excited. Mortal Shell was revealed a few months back before IGN’s Summer of Play event, but this was our first real look at it.

Heavily inspired by the Dark Souls series, Mortal Shell is the story of an unknown character thrust into a world of death. Utilizing every weapon and armor you can find, you must fight your way through increasingly difficult enemies. 

Sounds pretty basic like Souls, right? Well, where Mortal Shell sets itself apart is in the different abilities that your character can wield.

Whereas in Dark Souls, your character can learn various magic spells (which is a wuss move) in Mortal Shell it’s different. You can learn different abilities such as slow time for a few seconds. Or spartan kicking enemies, wrapping your blade in ice etc. Effectively combining action gameplay with the heavy RPG elements of Dark Souls.

Overall it gives Mortal Shell a unique flavor to it’s combat and provides a different level of customization. And if you’re concerned about the abilities making boss fights too easy, odds are you’ll still get put down more than a few times.

Animations are still heavy, lumbering and calculating. Enemies are still tanks that can kill you in one or two hits. Bosses are gigantic and agile. So, expect a fair amount of challenge in order to get through Mortal Shell.

Art style is also one of the Soul’s series biggest strengths. The Horror/Gothic style of the world and characters are engrossing and nightmarish. They’re also incredibly unique and otherworldly, inspiring hundreds of artists and memorable boss fights from day one.

Same can be said for Mortal Shell. Enemies look incredibly varied and different, especially with some of the bosses and weapon designs. 

We’re super excited to get our hands on Mortal Shell. And you can be sure that we’ll be doing walkthroughs and gameplay videos for Mortal Shell when it comes out, it looks freaking incredible!


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